Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My ban from Hamumu and history

These two sentences are a blogspot exclusive message you have received from me although the message is a copy from something on the Hamumu forums. Aren't you special!

Hello. I am posting this to clear up some of the concerns, questions, and misconceptions that arisen over the few years I have been on the forums. I’ll start by saying what happened. As you know, my first account was Chris Da Lunatic. I made the account back when I played Supreme With Cheese for unhealthy amounts of time and was an avid poster of the forums. Eventually, my spamming was much and after many warnings I made a post in General Blabber or Dr. Lunatic that I don’t remember. I’m pretty sure I didn’t consider it spam, but Jamul did and I was banned. Bricks were dropped. After many different accounts such as swc_102, Cel-Shaded Link, and Goruad_Mario, I made the account 31337 that I used to hang out on the chat and eventually join the forums.
I posted a lot until eventually it was found out that I was Chris Da Lunatic and I was given a second chance. All was going smoothly until one fateful day on chat, I thought it would be totally 1337 to tell Ducklegion via PM about an obscure Japanese potty training video on youtube featuring anthropomorphic waste. This, of course, did not sit well with him and Hammered quickly knew. I was banned from the chat and was just using the forum. After many topics in Total Mayhem that were spammy, Jamul decided that it would be best to screen every single post of mine before it would be submitted. So, he did, and my habits of spamming and civil disobedience were no more. I quickly grew tired of this and jumped into the chat with names such as “Yahoo Slurp Spider” and something to the effect of “Rickroll”.
I got banned again and my last chance to be on the forums was gone. Bricks were dropped. So, after, I’m sure, making a few more accounts, I made the short lived KS1 which served only to annoy. This was banned. I’m pretty sure between December 2007 and May 2008, I had no intentions of rejoining until I made Ion Sumo. As you know, I posted suspiciously like 31337. I had made one other terrible mistake. I had Pmed Mr. Onion in the chat saying that I am CDL. At one point faked Schizophrenia for the lulz and developed another personality which as an evil, fursecuting, criminal mastermind who spoke in red text. I got bored of this really quickly. Soon after, I was mysteriously banned. While some people in the topic
openly rebelled and the veterans unquestionably followed Jamul, Mr. Onion remained unnervingly silent taking neither side.

Anyways, I’d like to point out a few things.

1. I was not Suicidal Lunatic. Kamikaze actually gets stuff done such as taking out a few people with you, starting wars, or making watermelons significantly more interesting, but Suicide just kills you. What’s the fun in that?
2. Vote: Mr. Onion
3. I blame everything on Ducklegion and take no responsibility for my actions. Wheeee!
4. Unlike Jamul said, I don’t have zero respect for the rules, I just have an alarmingly little amount of respect of certain rules.
5. I may or may not come back. If I don’t come back, I’ll probably make a last will and testament topic.
6. Vote: Mr. Onion
7. I reserve the annoyance of reposting this if it is deleted right away.
8. My doctor says I have problems with losing and will not accept defeat. I told him that he is a stupid quack and that no illness will get the best of him. I sucker punched him in the face, took his wallet, and ran out of the building.
9. My email and Live Messenger address is In case you need to contact me. I will also be restarting my blog at This message is posted in my blog.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wow. The entire world is after him...

Credit goes to Matt_E_Phillips of the Current Events board of Gamefaqs for discovering this message on the above image. To make this brief, there was a guy on Gamefaqs named Butters_1188 who has been around for a while and made a decent account, and then he made a topic stating that if everyone on the Current Events board were to spell out his username one letter at a time, he would close his account. They had managed to accomplish this feat, however, Butters started making up horrible lies such as "sigs don't count" and did not close his account. He did not in fact deliver. Amazing.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gamefaqs Achievements

Achievement Unlocked: XD Mod (20)

Wow, I made a fairly inappropriate yet still in the bounds of TOS post at Gamefaqs CE board and... believe it or not a Mod XD'd it. Wow. I think I should list Gamefaqs achievements to accomplish and make a Gamefaqer Score!

So far, I got 20.

Here are some.

XD Mod: Get XD'd by a mod (20)
Epic Win: Make an Epic win topic (10)
Epic Fail: Make an Epic fail or phail topic (1)
Full House: Reach 500 posts in a topic! (20)
3KLess: Last a week without a 3KL (5)
Completely Owned: Own a board (50)
Brink of Death: Successfully revive a long-lost topic (15)
Butters: Survive a promise to close your account (30)
Gamespotter: Make a post without a sig (5)
Homestar: Make a post so utterly stupid that it is actually funny WITHOUT phailing(20)
Co-Op Forum: Get at least 100 people to cooperate with you to accomplish something (40)
Roy is top tier: Successfully make a point that defies all logic yet is valid (30)
Ethereal: Disappear for at least a few months then return (40)
Inspirational: Start a fad or meme (20)
Notable: Be quoted (10)
Sig'd: Have a quote of yours appear in somebody's sig (10)
Godly: Be CJayc (1000)
Zelda Noob: Be Gannon Banned (5)
Powerful: Have a rank at Legend or higher (60)
Goooo Planet!: Finish a Captain Planet summoning (10)

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I've made a weird flash animation. It's of a UFO turning into a sombrero (because it is similarly shaped) and then crashing. Because the clip loops it looks as if on the next clip the UFO comes out of the explosion. I just left that in because. Eh, for now you can't see it because the school fiter is a piece of garbage and my computer mouse at home isn't working, but I'll get it up soon.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Voice recognition

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The above text is the wonder of voice recognition on Vista. By the way, the song was “The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny” It would probably sound better with the music and chorus of "Word Disassociation"

Monday, March 31, 2008

Blender 3d Tutorials

I think I'll start writing some Blender 3d tutorials, maybe even form a guide. I have Fraps, so maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea. I'll get to writing and screenshotting!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Radiant AI is very radiant

I think I just experienced my first "Radiant AI Moment" in Oblivion. I was at the Imperial City Waterfront about to go to another city. When I got there this lady started screaming "By the Nine Divines! Assault! Assault!" and started screaming into the night while another lady turned invisible and started attacking me. Many guards joined in. Bethesda is an endless source of lulz.