Saturday, April 12, 2008

Gamefaqs Achievements

Achievement Unlocked: XD Mod (20)

Wow, I made a fairly inappropriate yet still in the bounds of TOS post at Gamefaqs CE board and... believe it or not a Mod XD'd it. Wow. I think I should list Gamefaqs achievements to accomplish and make a Gamefaqer Score!

So far, I got 20.

Here are some.

XD Mod: Get XD'd by a mod (20)
Epic Win: Make an Epic win topic (10)
Epic Fail: Make an Epic fail or phail topic (1)
Full House: Reach 500 posts in a topic! (20)
3KLess: Last a week without a 3KL (5)
Completely Owned: Own a board (50)
Brink of Death: Successfully revive a long-lost topic (15)
Butters: Survive a promise to close your account (30)
Gamespotter: Make a post without a sig (5)
Homestar: Make a post so utterly stupid that it is actually funny WITHOUT phailing(20)
Co-Op Forum: Get at least 100 people to cooperate with you to accomplish something (40)
Roy is top tier: Successfully make a point that defies all logic yet is valid (30)
Ethereal: Disappear for at least a few months then return (40)
Inspirational: Start a fad or meme (20)
Notable: Be quoted (10)
Sig'd: Have a quote of yours appear in somebody's sig (10)
Godly: Be CJayc (1000)
Zelda Noob: Be Gannon Banned (5)
Powerful: Have a rank at Legend or higher (60)
Goooo Planet!: Finish a Captain Planet summoning (10)

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