Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Games to Distract Me

I got 50$ to spend at Gamespot. So I bought 6 games for my Gamecube. I like them except for one. I think I made fairly good choices. Here they are.

Enter The Matrix: Wheee! Bullet time! I bought this because I am a Matrix fan. The game seems to be fun although I am a bit sad that I cannot play as Neo. Oh well, I"ll get over it. Really neat Kung Fu/Gunslinging

Turok Evolution: This game sucks. First of all, the game looks ugly. Second of all, there is a really unstable framerate. It seems the game runs faster when you are facing a bunch of enemies. I have no idea what the guys who made the game were thinking, but they should have spent much more time making sure this game was actually fun. The gameplay is really dumb and boring.

Soul Caliber 2: An excellent game. Since I got the Gamecube version, I have been playing as Link non-stop. I enjoy the game and think it is a really good and fun game to beat my sister at. So far I am decent at the game but I have a hobby of hitting K.O.'d opponents so that they scream their death cries over... and over... and over. It's actually not as morose as it sounds as it is really funny how they repeat the exact same sound over and over when you hit them. I dunno, it was funny to me.

Metroid Prime: Awesome graphics. Awesome gameplay. Awesome game. I love this game because it is fun, it looks great, and there is always something to work towards (i.e. a new upgrade that will allow you to do so and so). I really like the vast level variety and abilities you can collect. It's pretty neat how you can watch Samus slowly gain power so that she can smite the unclean. SMITE THEM, I SAY! MUAHAHAHA! *cough*

Ultimate Spiderman: Better than Spiderman-2. This game gives you the freedom of web swinging while having great looking cutscenes to back up the story. The combat is a little to wild, but the game is still really fun. Definitely worth getting especially if you like the Spiderman 2 game.

Viewtiful Joe: I've had the sequel for a long time, but I really like the first one too. It looks good and plays good. Nothing new if you have played the second one, but it is still fun. I like this game.

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