Friday, February 8, 2008

Janitor's Closet

I was bored so I decided to attempt to make a 3d model of a janitor's closet. For now it just consists of a sink and a broken mirror. I like the mirror, though. It was fun to make and it actually looks better than I thought it would at first. I don't think anyone would notice, but sometimes the cracks don't go all the way through and it seems like it broke unrealistically. It took about an hour to make this scene but it was worth it. It's looking really cool when you look down the drain. I've made a few renders and some video clips just to give you an idea of what it looks like. Above you can see what the sink looks like in wireframe from afar. It's unnecessary to have it in wireframe, but it looks cool.

Here is a closeup of the broken mirror yet again in wireframe. The mirror wasn't hard to make; it was just tedious. I do enjoy the result though as I think the way it is broken is somewhat believable. I originally wanted the mirror to appear to be hit on the middle left as evident by the direction of the spaces in the bottom left, but I don't like doing all those small pieces of shattered glass. This brings up some questions though as to what may have caused the mirror to break. It seems the mirror was hit by something that was somewhere between the size of a marble and an apple.

This is a solid shot of the sink and the broken mirror. You can see that I colored the sink brown but that's because I had to to get the effect I wanted. I wanted a layer of filthy muck lower down on the sink but I couldn't have a gradient texture that could allow me to put brown on the bottom. So, I decided to make the sink brown and use a white texture. It turned out adequately however you cannot see the texture from here nor can you see the normal map I applied.

Here is a view into the sink. I actually used a picture of a sink in Alcatraz as a reference. Same kinda sink they use in a janitor's closet anyways. This turned out better than I would have thought. It's hard to get things exactly how you want using subsurf (a tool that increases the number of polygons to add detail and smooth things out). There is actually a little hole under the drain where the water is supposed to go. The drain was added because I felt that it would be easy to tell if there is a hole or not.

Here is a render of the sink. It's really dark for some reason. You can actually make out the reflection of whats in the room (namely, sink) if you look at the right angle. It's kinda cool how all the shard of glass if at the right angle can have bits and pieces of the same picture just with gaps between them. I seldom use ambient occlusion or caustics in my renders as my computer is a Pentium 3, but I make sure I use at least 4x anti aliasing.

This is a different angle. I really need to add more light! You still can't see anything out of the mirror but this is still a good shot anyways. At first, I was experimenting with the depth of field effect to get the mirror slightly blurred, but it caused artifacts in the rendering so I decided it wasn't worth it. Anyways, it's video time!

This video was rendered a bit before I finished so the sink looks drastically different, but you can still get the gist of what it's like. As you can see, the room (assuming 2 walls and a floor constitutes a room) looks better in 3d.

The sink is finished and the room is brighter in this animation. I like it better because you can see into the sink sorta. Not much showing off of the reflections, but I just intended to do a 6 second fly around. So, anyways, I am planning on continuing the project until I get a nicely cluttered janitor's closet.

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