Thursday, December 27, 2007

Deus Ex Machina

There is a logical explanation for my mysterious absence for 4 whole days. I was absentmindedly typing on my keyboard how I beat the awesome boss of Half-Life 2 who may or may not have been that awesome ninja robot that cut off Revolver's hand from Metal Gear Solid 1 when I heard gunshots. I quickly knocked over a table (that had all of my saved blog progress for December 23 that I was going to post) and used it for cover. Suddenly, a frag grenade fell right to my side. I quickly picked it up and hurled it over to the terrorists that were at my door, but it exploded in midair knocking me out. I woke up dangling over a pot of boiling water suspended only by a rope crudely tied around my ankles.
I remembered the shurikens I got for an early Christmas present and killed all the terrorists with it. Suddenly, an angel came out of nowhere and saved me and teleported me back to where I was at... 4 days later. Everything was as it was before. This odd time lapse was seemingly unexplainable. Then I realized there was a lesson behind all of this.


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