Friday, December 21, 2007

;_; I will never be the same again. ;_;

Twice a headcrab zombie has jumped out of NOWHERE and scared me to HALF TO DEA- no... wait.. A THIRD TO DEATH! I am now on the highway in my little buggy and got the crossbow- the second to last weapon in the game (excluding the awesome upgrade I heard was later in the game). Sadly, there was a scripted event where a Toxic Zombie would be spawned right after getting the second to last weapon in the game. I was scared a fourth to death. It seems everything is scarier the second time around. I keep telling myself "It's just polygons" but when a fast zombie comes howling and tears me to shreds, it's hard to think.
Anyways, if you search for "Chris Da Lunatic" the Hamumu forums where I was banned from several times (see below) pops up as a first result and then this blog a few results later. About the ban, it didn't sound final. I guess I should wait it out. Maybe check back in December 2008 or something. :P

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